DeNova Sciences provides the best range of artificial skin model as well as tissue scaffolding suitable for use in rigorous clinical testing. We offer services for product testing, validation or co-development using our own established range of in vitro DNSkin™ skin models, all of which are of human origin. Our DNSkin™ models are carefully cultured in a serum-free environment with our chemically defined DNMedia™ formulated for optimal growth.

Our in vitro human skin substitute serves as a flexible and powerful platform that caters to a wide range of test methods. We are also receptive towards the co-development of novel skin prototypes using our expertise and technology.




  • Serum-free environment (Animal-free)
  • Fully human origin
  • Stratification of the epidermal layer (mimicking the human skin)
  • Chemically defined medium
  • Flexible system that allows further modification to yield other skin models such as a Dry Skin model
  • Allows for chemical/cosmetic tesing via topical or systemic application
  • Establish as a key validation protocol
  • Flexibility for co-development of novel skin platforms

The DNSkinTM Origin


The DNSkin™ Origin is an in vitro full thickness human skin model and is of close resemblance to the native human skin. This model consists of a superficial epidermis layer whereby keratinocytes reside on a fibroblast-collagen dermal matrix and form a stratified epidermal layer. Importantly, this model retains the paracrine relationship between the keratinocytes and fibroblasts which are crucial for skin homeostasis and development. Moreover, NSkin™ Origin which can be maintained in vitro for up to 3 months makes long term/interaction studies a viable option.


  • Full thickness in vitro human skin model
  • Stratified epidermal layer
  • Interaction/ Long term studies

The DNSkinTM Dry


The DNSkin™ Dry is a unique dry skin model cultured in a specialized lowered humidify environment. Being the first of its kind in the world, it has now made the assessment of the skin barrier function conceivable.