Laser Capture Microdissection & Microarray Services

Laser Capture Microdissection & Microarray Services

DeNova sciences offers gene expression profiling services through our microarray service. This service is offered to assist researchers with studies on gene expression profiling from specific regions or population of cells. We use the Laser Capture Micro-dissection to cut and collect the samples from slides using the Arcturus system. DeNova sciences uses compatible and validated procedures for the full array services which guarantee the good data quality and fast turn-over time.


Description of services

  • Samples provided can be in various forms (e.g fresh cells/tissues, fixed tissues, tissue embedded in paraffin wax, tissues section on slides)
  • We will provide basic histology staining such as Hematoxylin and Eosin staining to identify and locate the regions / population necessary  for Laser Capture Micro-dissection
  • We will provide Laser Capture Micro-dissection services for collection of the selected region prior to microarray service. Before  and after images of the tissue sections from LCM are stored
  • Full microarray service including Total RNA isolation* (inclusive of those from FFPE sample), cDNA amplification, fragmentation and labeling, hybridization to microarray chips, signal detection and data analysis

*Quantification and estimating RNA purity using a NanoDrop spectrophotometer

Service prices are dependent on set up and sample volume.
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