About Us

About Us

DeNova Sciences is a Nanyang Technological University spin-off company founded in 2012.

DeNova Sciences Pte Ltd provides the best range of artificial skin model as well as tissue scaffolding suitable for rigorous clinical testing. DeNova Sciences offers services for product testing, validation or co-development using our proprietary range of in vitro DNSkin™ models. The DNSkin™ models are carefully cultured in a serum-free environment with our chemically defined DNMedia™ formulated for optimal growth.

Meet our key scientific / clinical expert:

Asst Prof Tan Nguan Soon, Andrew, PhD

Assistant Professor School of Biological Sciences Nanyang Technological University


Management Teams

Left – Right Dr Chong Han Chung, Kelvin (PhD CTO Specializing in molecular biology analysis), Mr Tan Ming Jie (MSc CSO/COO Specializing in in-vitro skin modeling), Mr Daniel Tan (BSc CEO Business Development)